Landscape Necklace.10a.Textured Green.JPG
Landscape Necklace.6a.Orange Red Clear Stripe.JPG Landscape Necklace.6b.Orange Red Clear Stripe.JPG Landscape Necklace.4a.Pink Swoosh.JPG Landscape Necklace.4b.Pale Pink.JPG Landscape Necklace.7a.Textured Pink Clear.JPG Landscape Necklace.7b.Textured Pink Clear.JPG Landscape Necklace.1a.Opaque Textured Orange.JPG Landscape Necklace.1b.Opaque Textured Orange.JPG Landscape Necklace.3a.Textured Creamsicle.JPG Landscape Necklace.3b.Smooth Creamsicle.JPG Landscape Necklace.13a.Opaque Banana Yellow.JPG Landscape Necklace.13b.Opaque Banana Yellow.JPG Landscape Necklace.9a.Textured Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.9b.Textured Green Purple Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.16a.Textured Green Purple.JPG Landscape Necklace.16b.Textured Green Purple.JPG Landscape Necklace.10a.Textured Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.10b.Textured Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.17a.Smooth Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.17b.Smooth Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.15a.Clear Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.15b.Clear Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.18a.Textured Deep Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.18b.Textured Deep Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.5b.Green.JPG Landscape Necklace.5a.Textured White Green Pink.JPG Landscape Necklace.11a.Textured Pale Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.11b.Textured Pale Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.12a.Textured Deep Sea Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.12b.Textured Deep Sea Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.2a.Pale Blue.JPG Landscape Necklace.2b.Pale Blue Stripe.JPG Landscape Necklace.8a.Textured Purple White.JPG Landscape Necklace.8b.Smooth Purple White Stripe.JPG

These versatile, dynamic, double-sided necklaces reflect both our inner and outer landscapes. Handmade by us at Dazzle Studios with stained glass! Each piece comes with a standard 18” chain, easily adjustable to shorter lengths 

All handmade works have their own unique character and are one of a kind. Therefore, color, texture, shape and size might vary slightly from piece to piece

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$38.00 USD